E-book series: Part 5 – The new world of work

The rise in technology over the past decade has facilitated growth in the ‘gig economy’ where individuals forsake the stability of traditional work arrangements, choosing nomadic professional lifestyles. They work on a consultancy, freelance or temporary basis on a series of “gigs” or projects. It is important to recognise that those who make this choice […]

E-book series: Part 4 – Invisible epidemic

Despite the growing understanding of, and focus on, workplace wellbeing, current practice built on the legacy of occupational health and individual wellness is simply not delivering results. Employee participation in workplace wellbeing initiatives is low, and key indicators of how employees are faring at work are alarming. The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), for […]

The Well-Washing Trap

Regardless of its origin, well-washing is characterized by a lack of strategy, engagement, or measurement. It is often the result of assumptions and knee-jerk reactions as opposed to a careful consideration of reliable data.

Can incentives increase engagement with workplace wellbeing programs?

One of the greatest challenges to implementing workplace wellbeing activities is enticing employees to participate.1 If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2021 Workplace Wellbeing survey found that just 22% of employees know about the wellbeing supports that were available to them and less than a third of those who are […]

Why your workplace mental health solutions are not enough to yield long-term gains.

Mental health in the workplace, named by some as the ‘silent pandemic’, continues to be a hot topic, one that rose rapidly to the top of the agenda during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As we collectively adjusted to new ways of working, and navigated extreme uncertainty, employees began to report negative impacts on their mental […]

Biophilic Office Design: Can money grow on trees?

Going green to strike gold Being ‘green’ may not be as costly an endeavour as one first might think and is also one that generates high rewards. There is scientific consensus that sustainable work practices contribute to a healthier life and a healthier planet. Despite this, companies are consistently missing out on the multitude of […]

E-book series: Part 3 – The lost decade

Significant progress in employer attitudes has been made over the last decade, with increasing numbers of organisations in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and parts of Europe in particular, attempting to prioritise workplace wellbeing.  An increase in reporting of mental health issues and levels of absenteeism and presenteeism have been key drivers of efforts […]

Green & Health Places Podcast

WellWise Co-Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Bobbi Hartshorne, makes a guest appearance on episode 28 of the Green & Healthy Places podcast to talk about the origins of WellWise and our unique data-driven approach to improving workplace wellbeing. Listen below or follow this link to the view the full episode notes and subscribe.

E-book series: Part 2 – A brief history

Although its origins can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution, the field of workplace wellbeing is still relatively immature. This is evidenced by a lack of agreement around even simple definitions, for example the conflation of ‘wellbeing’ with other terms such as wellness, engagement, satisfaction, or happiness, as well as inconsistencies in the research […]

Why Your CFO Should be Championing Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Who is responsible for workplace wellbeing in your organization? If you don’t have a Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO), it might be, somewhat surprisingly, a role for your CFO. Bear with us! If your wellbeing strategy is not strategically integrated across your whole organization, what may be a well-intentioned initiative will struggle to drive measurable bottom-line […]