The WellWise Framework™

The WellWise research framework explores not just how wellbeing relates to the employee, but also the aspects that the organization can optimize to foster a high-wellbeing workplace. Our insights reveal how these elements impact one another so that challenges and risks can be addressed at their root cause.

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Deeper Insight

Our analysis goes much deeper than the whole-organization level.

We explore the employee experience at the office, department and team level as well. We also identifying the unique needs of different groups through the identification of trends according to gender, ethnicity, age, seniority, tenure, salary and much more.

Our in depth analysis ensures that your strategy and associated resources are targeted directly where they can have the greatest impact, and nothing is wasted.

A strategically aligned approach

By applying the WellWise Framework, we deliver results that are:


Strategic and aligned

  • Planned and intentional
  • Aligned to your mission and objectives
  • Identifies causation and interdependencies

Performance driven

  • Targets investment and resources for maximum ROI and VOI
  • Measured and continuously improved
  • Creates sustainable, wide-reaching, and long-term improvements to wellbeing AND performance organization-wide

Authentic and collaborative

  • Avoids damaging well-washing practises
  • Demonstrates true commitment to your employees
  • Demands true commitment from employees

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