Valentina Battaglioli

Professional Network Manager


Valentina is a Business Management student in her third year. She has a great interest in digital marketing tools and how to use them to share meaningful stories and experiences.

Being an intern for WellWise since May 2022, Valentina puts a great effort in learning new things and gaining experience to further develop her skills. Having worked in the hospitality field before, she is determined to share how the field can change for the wellbeing of its workers.

Valentina is from Italy but has recently moved to the UK to pursue her studies. She attended a linguistic high school in Italy and has gained relevant organisational and interpersonal skills through working roles exercised both in London and Italy. She is very active in the university environment, having taken part in several university challenges and societies.


Professional Partnership Network Manager

Business Management BA


Project Management
Digital strategy
Sales communication
Business management

The real me

Valentina enjoys spending most of her free time with her friends. Being part of a scout group for several years, she enjoys hiking and doing outdoor activities. During the winter season, Valentina often goes skiing in the beautiful northern mountains of Italy and she also takes dance classes throughout the year.

Valentina enjoys music, she is always up to date with new releases and often attends concerts, either with her friends or even by herself!


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