Our vision is simple but ambitious.
A world where ‘work’ is simultaneously a driver of the wellbeing and performance of organizations and their employees, whilst in turn, an enabling force of stronger communities, economies, and nations.



Meet the team

The great joy of working in this field is that improved workplace wellbeing presents one of those rare opportunities in which there are only winners.

We really love to help our clients to significantly improve the wellbeing and experience of their people, whilst simultaneously seeing tangible results where it matters to their business. This is our purpose and it’s like rocket fuel!



Our Story

In 2016, our CWO Bobbi pioneered a global Student Wellbeing Framework in response to an emerging crisis in the higher education sector.

Together with our CEO Tim and his team of expert researchers, we completed several primary and secondary studies into student wellbeing and explored solutions in the accommodation context. In turn, we became the ‘go to’ experts on the subject globally.

We began to understand that Generation Z had distinct needs and experienced life on very different terms. As our knowledge, understanding, experience and expertise evolved, it became clear that as this generation entered the workforce, they were going to present some new challenges and opportunities to employers.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the almost immediate impact on the world of work, the trends that had been experienced in Universities were now being felt in the workplace. Employees and businesses were in the midst of a workplace wellbeing crisis, one that had been present for a long-time but became more pronounced and better understood as the pandemic progressed. Employers everywhere were experiencing the ‘silent epidemic’ and it was costing them and their employees dearly.

So, just like five years before, we teamed up, this time with the support of our sister company Research by Design and a number of specialists, academics and business leaders to take a deep dive into the role of wellbeing in the workplace.

We evolved an insights platform that would enable organizations and their employees to understand what was compromising their ability to become a high-wellbeing workforce and then evolve a strategy for their long-term success.

But we don’t stop there…

We are committed to ensuring the future of work is better for all and we know that optimizing workplace wellbeing is one of the critical components of achieving that.

Our vision is universal and as such, we are working with our partners to conduct pioneering new research to advanced knowledge and best-practice in this field. Our first paper was published in June 2021 and is available to download for free and we used the findings to build a free self-assessment tool for those looking to optimize their workplace wellbeing approach. Look out for further publications coming soon.

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If you have the energy, passion and business skills to help optimize workplace wellbeing, get in touch and introduce yourself.