Bobbi Hartshorne

Chief Wellbeing Officer
Bobbi Hartshorne


Bobbi is a social scientist with a deep commitment to accelerating our global understanding of how human society can and should function better.

A Bachelor of Education and a Master of Business Administration, Bobbi seamlessly blends her passion for leadership and wellbeing with her determination to ensure work, workers, and workplaces are simultaneously healthy, happy and high-performing.

Bobbi is from the UK and has lived and worked in the Middle East since 2012. She has extensive international experience stretching from America to Australia which provides a uniquely rich understanding of how wellbeing and culture collide.


Founder and Director

2014 – 2015
Global Head of Wellbeing
Global Student Accommodation Group

2014 – 2015
Market Entry Consultant
United Arab Emirates

2013 – 2014
Head of Regional Strategic Partnerships (MENA)

2007 – 2012
Progressive career across WP, Enrolment, Recruitment and Marketing
Murdoch University (Dubai), University of Essex, Goldsmiths, University of Hertfordshire, University of Cambridge, University of York


Public Speaking
Project Management

The real me

As you might expect, Bobbi puts her wellbeing first. She exercises most days and also enjoys experimenting with healthy recipes. She can often be found performing in a musical production, watching a rugby match or painting.

After wellbeing, Bobbi’s second passion is travel and she aspires to live in an ‘off-grid’ tiny van exploring the world with her partner…leaving no trace behind.


Phone (UAE) : +971 58 501 3676
Phone (UK) : +44 7480 433 886
Email :