Ruth Bolle

Chief Strategy Officer
Ruth Bolle


Ruth specialises in the professional membership sector and works with clients as they tackle the strategic issues facing professional organizations including ED&I, sustainability, learning & development, career navigation, and attracting & retaining new Gen-Z professionals into the workplace.

With an MA in History & Classics from the University of Edinburgh, Ruth has always loved to find the narrative and key trends in multiple information sources. Ruth believes that by studying professionals and workplace trends we can make important links with wider societal themes of belonging, inclusion and community.

As Managing Partner of RbD, Ruth’s clients include some of the largest Royal Colleges and Chartered Institutes in the UK. RbD’s experience is unsurpassed, and she is known for its passionate and authoritative voice in the sector.


CSO, WellWise
Managing Partner, Research by Design

Research Consultant, various clients

Associate Director, Research by Design

Associate Director, Conquest Research


Relationship Building
Presentation and Public Speaking

The real me

Ruth is married with two children, who are constantly sharpening her project management, negotiation and client management skills.

A member of various choirs, Ruth has sung on stage at the Royal Albert Hall with Mica Paris, and recorded an album (sadly unreleased!) with Boy George. She also likes to hog the microphone at any karaoke venue who will have her.


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