Tim Daplyn

Chief Executive Officer
Tim Daplyn


Tim is a technologist and business strategist with a strong track record of building and mentoring successful teams to deliver sustainable growth.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick in the UK, Tim’s early career included technology and data science leadership roles for PLCs in South Africa, USA and Canada.

After returning to the UK in the late 2000’s Tim successfully launched and raised funding for a series of businesses focussed on consumer insights and marketing technology. Today he remains the Chief Executive of the Box Delta group of companies as well as co-founder and CEO at WellWise.

Tim believes passionately that dignity in work is an essential part of a healthy and balanced life, and that creating and sustaining healthy workplaces will be one of the greatest challenges to emerge from the changes we face through automation, AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Co-Founder and CEO

Non Executive Director

Group Chief Executive
Box Delta Group

2007 – 2020
Founded and acquired a portfolio of business interests now under the Box Delta Group

Founder and Managing Director
Red Brick Research

1999 – 2007
International technology and data science leadership roles across the UK, South Africa and North America for brands including Philips, Sony, Vodafone and LexisNexis



The real me

Tim is married with three children, whose sporting activities dominate his ‘spare time’.

When he does get a break from taxi and touchline duty you’ll find him watching F1, lifting weights or catching up with the latest blockbuster and art house cinema releases.

After living and working across three continents, travel remains a passion and he hopes to be able to explore more of South America when time and travel restrictions allow.