The WellWise self-assessment is a free and simple online tool for wise organisations seeking to optimise the impact of their investment in workplace wellbeing.


It highlights some of the key factors that most frequently undermine effectiveness and provides information and advice on how to overcome these.

The quick eight-question survey can be completed in less than three-minutes and delivers tailored results directly to your inbox.


  • Learn about the factors that determine the success of workplace wellbeing.
  • Understand which of these factors should be prioritized for improvement.
  • Gain tailored practical optimisation guidance and expert insights straight to your inbox.
  • Quick, easy and totally free


  1. Proceed to the survey
  2. Take three minutes to complete the eight questions
  3. Check your inbox for the results
  4. Start putting the guidance into practise
  5. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your results, feel free to get in touch.

Total transparency

The data you provide is completely confidential, retained solely by WellWise and our sister organisation EnsOrenda.

We may use the information provided to contribute to our wellbeing benchmarking research. We seek to discover and share useful insights and trends with regards to workplace wellbeing. Amongst other things, this will include how the size of an organisation and the industry in which it operates effects workplace wellbeing factors.

The data will be anonymised as part of a broader dataset and will never be published with reference to your company name or any other identifying details.

Together we can positively influence the future of work.