If a plant were wilting we wouldn’t diagnose it with “wilting-plant-syndrome” – we would change its conditions.

This quote from a recent article by Psychologist Sanah Ahsam ( is everything we need to understand about workplace wellbeing and performance.

For far too long our workplace performance strategies have been about ‘engineering’ (unsuccessfully most of the time) our employees to thrive under sub-optimal conditions. A route that leaves everyone unsatisfied and businesses heavily out of pocket, instead, we must focus on the environment, creating the conditions in which humans can and strive to thrive in. It is much easier to add water to a dry plant bed, than it is to wait for the plants to learn how to thrive on much less water. Achieving this before they wither and die is almost impossible.

External solutions are the add-on, the cherry on the cake. But you have to start with a great cake. That comes from the adjustment of our internal ingredients. The Great Resignation is about walking away from unpalatable cakes that have been ‘sweetened’ with an add-on cherry. The strategic approach to wellbeing and performance that we at WellWise take to supporting our clients is sustainable both in terms of impact and cost. If you want real and lasting ROI and VOI from your employee experience investment it must be embedded strategically.

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