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Our vision is simple but ambitious.
A world where work is simultaneously a driver of the wellbeing and performance of organizations and their employees, whilst in turn, an enabling force of stronger communities, economies, and nations.

The little picture

Our diagnostics system explains to your employees how their habits, choices, and behaviors are impacting their wellbeing and their performance at work, and then we provide them with advice on how to improve.

The big picture

We enable your organization to unleash the full potential of every employee and synchronize this with the sustained performance of your mission and objectives.

The UNIVERSAL picture

Through our continued contribution to new research, we empower entire sectors, industries, and professions to understand the science of workplace wellbeing and use it to ensure the future of work is better for all.

Our team

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We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our expanding global team.

If you have the energy, passion and business skills to help optimize workplace wellbeing, get in touch and introduce yourself.