Surveillance statement

WellWise does not endorse or facilitate the surveillance of employees at the individual level.

Our reasoning

  1. Workplace Wellbeing is anchored on trust. Practices that misuse opportunities to put employees under (known or unknown) surveillance break down trust and counter WellWise’s efforts to build an impactful workplace wellbeing strategy that has mutual benefits for employees and organizations alike.
  2. As research experts it is important that WellWise also explains the limitations of data collected through surveillance. This data is highly limited as it does not provide causality insights, and surveillance may also impact responses. It thus creates the risk of unreliable data and assumption-making and this in turn can lead to ill-informed decisions and high-cost, low-impact spending.
  3. The WellWise Process is designed to be a positive wellbeing experience for participants.  It facilitates employee empowerment through voice, knowledge, and self-management and ensures complete autonomy, control, and ownership of personal data.
  4. To align workplace wellbeing strategies to the needs and desires of an organization’s employees, WellWise collects personal wellbeing data based on validated research questions and best-practise knowledge. However, for the purpose of organizational strategy design, this data is designed to be collated to reveal trends and patterns of responses in groups of 4 or more employees. It is not designed, nor is it ever used to identify individuals or even small groups with personal wellbeing challenges or who display discontentment with their organization or their employment situation.
    WellWise only provides collated insights into employee groups of 4 or more.
  5. WellWise analyses individual responses and provides tailored guidance to individuals to help them to identify the personal wellbeing factors that have the greatest opportunity for improvement and to direct them towards related information, guidance, and support. These insights are revealed only on each respondent’s unique dashboard and thus remain in the control of the individual.
  6. WellWise understands that in certain situations there are regulatory standards that require the surveillance of employees. An example of this is tachometers in the haulage industry. The WellWise Process has not been designed to facilitate or fulfil any kind of regulatory employee surveillance requirements.

Our approach

Collectively, the measures outlined below prevent responses being traced back to the individual who contributed them and thus provides respondents with the confidence to answer honestly and with candour.

  • WellWise is GDPR and data privacy compliant
  • The WellWise Process is entirely anonymous at the individual level
  • Each WellWise survey respondent is provided with unique access to the WellWise platform
  • The WellWise survey platform is hosted and managed by WellWise, with no back-end access to the employing organization
  • Before data is shared with the employing organization, it is anonymized by removing name, job title, and email data points. If necessary, other potentially identifying data is also removed.
  • WellWise only provides collated insights into employee groups of 5 or more.
  • WellWise will never knowingly recommend a product or service that facilitates non-regulatory employee surveillance.


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