Why going slower will be an essential success strategy in 2022

employee working on his laptop in the office

“Stop running in the corridor!” calls the teacher to an excited student sprinting past the classroom. We’ve all heard these words many times and maybe even uttered them ourselves. The main reason for discouraging running in corridors is to prevent an accident. The message is clear, speed is not always the answer to getting somewhere […]

Can we really expect a 4-day week in the UAE?

a father and his son having breakfast together

In 2018, Andrew Barnes, CEO of Perpetual Guardian rigorously tested the relationship between time and productivity in the workplace with the support of leading academics from New Zealand and the UK. The results were so compelling that nations and organizations all over the world are now piloting and implementing the 4-day week or a version […]

Psychological safety, what a load of mumbo jumbo!

employees standing together and smiling

Except of course, it isn’t! I’ll admit that even as a workplace wellbeing and employee experience expert, as the phrase Psychological Safety crept its way into the common business lexicon, I found it to be a real turn off and frankly as irritating as a persistent fly. However, persistent it was, and it turns out […]

The factors affecting the construction sector

construction workers talking to each other

The global construction sector is suffering more than most from the ‘War for Skills’ and an aging workforce. In part, this seems to be due to a misalignment with the monumental shift in employee expectations and needs. As such, the sector is at grave risk of losing talent it can ill-afford to. Its ability to […]