Psychological safety, what a load of mumbo jumbo!

employees standing together and smiling

Except of course, it isn’t! I’ll admit that even as a workplace wellbeing and employee experience expert, as the phrase Psychological Safety crept its way into the common business lexicon, I found it to be a real turn off and frankly as irritating as a persistent fly. However, persistent it was, and it turns out […]

Decision-making is changing – hubris is out, transparency is in…

“The typical management hierarchy increases the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decisions get bigger, the ranks of those able to challenge the decision maker get smaller. Hubris, myopia, and naïveté can lead to bad judgement at any level, but the danger is greater when the decision maker’s power is, for all purposes, incontestable” Harvard […]

Changing our perspective on our people challenges is critical to overcoming them

I speak with many mangers and leaders who are seemingly at a loss when it comes to overcoming the people challenges in their organizations and teams. They look at me with exasperated and frustrated expressions and say things like: “They are so apathetic, they aren’t motivated to go the extra mile”. “All they do is […]

This workplace strategy will help our organisations to thrive in a vuca world

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) – sounds like the trailer for a thriller movie. When we consider this little acronym is used to describe our reality, it can be somewhat overwhelming. What do we need to not only survive these challenging times, but thrive in them? What do we need from the people working […]

The myth of controlling information in business

One common feature of management over the past few centuries has been to control the flow of information amongst employees. The argument goes that giving too many people too much information is risky as it leads to mistakes, confusion, misinterpretation, lack of efficiency and so on.   This control happens both vertically with a select […]

What is a tactical approach to workplace wellbeing and why is it high-risk?

A tactical approach seeks to tackle the problems. A strategic approach seeks to eliminate or reduce the cause. A tactical approach might plaster over some cracks, but more likely it will create a false sense of security because we see lots of ‘good’ activity taking place, when below the surface, those cracks to become gaping […]

Most modern workplace leadership is not leadership at all!

If the only way we can get others to follow us is through commanding and controlling them, we are not leading, but managing. This creates a higher workload and greater stress for us, and disempowers and frustrates our team members. It also makes us a blocker not an enabler, because the team cannot operate without […]

Could we be thinking about hybrid all wrong?

The debate rages on for hybrid, to be or not to be…and why? Companies like Velocity Global are all in on remote, while Elon Musk would rather we were all in the ‘darn’ office! As we continue to navigate and adapt to these work models, the question seems to be should we or shouldn’t we […]

Personal Finance in Workplace Wellbeing

In this episode with guest Carol Glynn we discuss personal finance in workplace wellbeing, especially why companies invest in empowering their employees, why Carol has chosen to work specifically with women and how financial wellbeing as a stress factor is not only weighting on employees, but consequently on companies too. Carol’s You can listen […]