Teams in Workplace Wellbeing

In this episode with teams specialist Andy Fieldhouse from The Team Space, and Bobbi Hartshorne, Co-founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer of WellWise, the discussion centres around challenges, impacts and benefits of strong teams. Bobbi details the importance of high wellbeing for strong functioning teams, whilst Andy illustrates the impact it has at every level of […]

How much of our investment in employees is lost? And what does cake have to do with it?

Depending on the sector your business operates in, you may spend between 40% to 80% of gross revenues on employee salaries and benefits combined. Salaries alone can account for 18% to 52% of your operating budget, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. At such a HUGE financial cost, to survive and be successful in our businesses, […]

They didn’t resign because there weren’t enough yoga classes!

The great resignation has been attributed to many factors, but at the heart of all of them is wellbeing. People simply want a better quality of life, and they increasingly understand that isn’t coming from a bigger pay check, longer hours at work, and placing their fate in the hands of a few people operating […]

What is a chief wellbeing officer and do you need one?

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of new roles added to the C-Suite. This evolution has largely been borne out of necessity. As the world grew more complex and niche, it simply wasn’t possible for a classic C-Suite team to hold deep enough knowledge and expertise in a broad enough set of business areas. […]

Why do outdated workplace wellbeing approaches feel like catdog?

Ok, ok I’ve given my age away with this one! For those who are not familiar with CatDog, it’s a cartoon about a cat and a dog joined at the hip but often moving in opposite directions and working towards different goals. To all those members of the workplace wellbeing choir, I see you nodding […]

The Well-Washing Trap

Regardless of its origin, well-washing is characterized by a lack of strategy, engagement, or measurement. It is often the result of assumptions and knee-jerk reactions as opposed to a careful consideration of reliable data.

Why Your CFO Should be Championing Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Who is responsible for workplace wellbeing in your organization? If you don’t have a Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO), it might be, somewhat surprisingly, a role for your CFO. Bear with us! If your wellbeing strategy is not strategically integrated across your whole organization, what may be a well-intentioned initiative will struggle to drive measurable bottom-line […]