Whitepaper: Understanding workplace wellbeing 3.0; A strategically integrated approach

In this groundbreaking whitepaper we share the latest scientific and real-world evidence supporting the emergence of a new approach to workplace wellbeing. In particular, the paper highlights and evidences three new pillars of understanding in the field:

  1. Current interventions and approaches to workplace wellbeing are commonly underperforming.
  2. Wellbeing can no longer be treated as a cost-centre but rather a key strategic driver if it is to contribute positively to the bottom line and deliver meaningful impact.
  3. Strategically-integrated wellbeing must focus not just on the employees but also the overall health of the organization and its wider external environment.


In most organizations wellbeing is delivered as a stand-alone programme. This bolt-on approach to wellbeing misses out on a wealth of opportunities and benefits that a more strategic and integrated approach could be delivering.”

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