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Getting Started with a Strategy in Workplace Wellbeing (part 1)

In this episode our guest Ciprian Arhire powerfully illustrates the fundamental importance of having a wellbeing strategy, and aligning your corporate culture to the right values.

Hear about Ciprian’s role at CapGemini Invent and CIPD, as well as what he considers to be the core components of wellbeing strategies, while WellWise CWO Bobbi Hartshorne develops this topic by explaining why leaders are resistant to wellbeing investments, and what steps they can take to overcome this.

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You can listen to the episode also on Apple Podcasts (https://tinyurl.com/wellwise-podcast-apple) and Spotify ( https://tinyurl.com/wellwise-podcast-spotify).

Listen to the second part of the episode here https://www.bewellwise.com/wisetalkpodcast/wisetalkpodcast-3/

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