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Teams in Workplace Wellbeing (Psychological Safety)

In this extra sound bite from Episode 1, our guests take a deep-dive into the topic of psychological safety and its necessity for strong teams and healthy organizations. Both Andy and Bobbi give their take on the role of psychological safety, as well as how leaders and employees can master it.

The ability to speak up, give feedback and feel safe about offering criticism are crucial elements of good business; but what are we getting wrong and how can we incorporate these better into our organizations?

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You can listen to the episode also on Apple Podcasts (https://tinyurl.com/wellwise-podcast-apple) and Spotify ( https://tinyurl.com/wellwise-podcast-spotify).

Listen to the main episode about Teams in Workplace Wellbeing here https://www.bewellwise.com/wisetalkpodcast/wisetalkpodcast-4/

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