The lightbulb moment around the leadership crisis and its impact on workplace wellbeing

I’ve discussed the leadership crisis and its connection to wellbeing in my posts, articles, podcasts, and events extensively over the past 2-years. I’ve continued to emphasise that workplace wellbeing is about the organisational conditions that foster thriving, not just free gym memberships and stress-management webinars. However, I’ve continually struggled to define or explain how we’ve […]

Decision-making is changing – hubris is out, transparency is in…

“The typical management hierarchy increases the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decisions get bigger, the ranks of those able to challenge the decision maker get smaller. Hubris, myopia, and naïveté can lead to bad judgement at any level, but the danger is greater when the decision maker’s power is, for all purposes, incontestable” Harvard […]

Changing our perspective on our people challenges is critical to overcoming them

I speak with many mangers and leaders who are seemingly at a loss when it comes to overcoming the people challenges in their organizations and teams. They look at me with exasperated and frustrated expressions and say things like: “They are so apathetic, they aren’t motivated to go the extra mile”. “All they do is […]

The myth of controlling information in business

One common feature of management over the past few centuries has been to control the flow of information amongst employees. The argument goes that giving too many people too much information is risky as it leads to mistakes, confusion, misinterpretation, lack of efficiency and so on.   This control happens both vertically with a select […]

Could we be thinking about hybrid all wrong?

The debate rages on for hybrid, to be or not to be…and why? Companies like Velocity Global are all in on remote, while Elon Musk would rather we were all in the ‘darn’ office! As we continue to navigate and adapt to these work models, the question seems to be should we or shouldn’t we […]

Why Your CFO Should be Championing Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Who is responsible for workplace wellbeing in your organization? If you don’t have a Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO), it might be, somewhat surprisingly, a role for your CFO. Bear with us! If your wellbeing strategy is not strategically integrated across your whole organization, what may be a well-intentioned initiative will struggle to drive measurable bottom-line […]

Let’s NOT do the Time Warp again

Rethinking the value of time to our organizations Of all the factors that influence the performance and health of organizations and employees alike, our use of time is both the most holistically impactful and the most frequently overlooked. In this article, I will present my perspective on how our relationship between the concepts of time […]