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Workplace Wellbeing and Business Culture

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Zuleka


It is said that culture stays at the heart of a business, and we couldn’t agree more! This episode with Bobbi and our guest Zuleka is all about business culture and  the importance of recognizing the values of a company for a workplace wellbeing strategy to thrive.


Zuleka explains the role that managers and individuals play to empower and create a healthy culture for their team, as well as how she believes the business culture will change in the future, taking into consideration the impact the pandemic had into creating more awareness about wellbeing.


Where you can contact Zuleka:

Email: zuleka@thecornerstoneadvisory.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zuleka
Website: https://www.thecornerstoneadvisory.com/

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