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Workplace Wellbeing and Nutrition for Performance

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Sarah



This new episode of our Wise Talk series is all about nutrition and how this is linked to our wellbeing.


Our guest speaker today is Sara Babar. Sara is a public speaker, certified holistic wellness coach, spinning instructor and experienced restaurant consultant with a passion for helping individuals to feel their best through sustainable food and lifestyle changes. Through her coaching and consultancy practice, Sara has built a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness that she is passionate about sharing with others.


Sara explains to us what are the benefits of gut health and the risks of not having it, also, she gives us some tips on how to start on the right path with nutrition.


Sara points out the importance of investing and protecting in your body to better perform in the workplace and how eating healthy helps with increasing focus and having energies.


Sara’s contacts:

Website: https://www.sarababar.com/
Instagram: @sarababar
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sara-babar-19138a118/

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