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Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Laura



In this new episode of our Wise Talk series, the main topic is mental health.


Out guest Laura Russell is a registered nurse and corporate wellness with Safe Hands. Her role here focuses on all areas of corporate wellness, managing employee wellness programs for in excess of 50 local and international companies. She is passionate about mental health in the workplace, regularly conducting webinars, training and seminars on all areas of this topic to provide awareness, education and insights.


She is a qualified Mental Health First Aider and is currently completing her post graduate degree in Mental Health.


Laura also delivers internationally recognised first aid training for adults, corporate groups, teens and the community with Safe Hands and has certified thousands of first aiders in her time with Safe Hands.


In this episode, Laura explains the role of mental health in the workplace, the importance to have an awareness about it and what are the risks to organization’s employees if we neglect it.

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