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Workplace Wellbeing and Conquering Limiting Beliefs

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Laura



In this new episode of our Wise Talk series, Bobbi and our guest Flora Castillon discuss common limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.


Flora believes that we can all address a lot of what challenges us at a rapid pace by rewiring our belief systems and harnessing how our mind operates. With far too many people battling with a lack of clarity, confidence, self-worth, crippling anxiety, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and the inability to make the right decisions, she successfully helps her clients realise their goals, ambitions, and deepest desires – and fast.



With decades of experience in the corporate world, Flora has witnessed how everyone shows up at work with a set of limiting beliefs about who they are, no exception made for the C-suites. And as a result, we affect everyone around us, including the bottom line. Flora is on a mission to educate and turn the narrative around so we all start putting our oxygen mask on. And thrive.

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