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Workplace Wellbeing and Supporting the Sandwich Generation

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Meena



Today’s episode is all about working carers, or the so called “sandwich generation”.


Our special guest for today is called Meena Malhotra. Meena is a passionate and devoted advocate for working carers. She is helping organisations to redefine employee centred support for carers.



She has always helped support vulnerable people in her community and beyond. This has given Meena insight into the challenges that the UK adult/elder care support system faces and is committed to create meaningful change, starting in the workplace.



Meena is keen to help implement comprehensive solutions within organisations, that ease the burden on working carers, deliver improved care for loved ones and drive positive business and sustainable societal change.


In this episode, Meena and Bobbi, discuss who sandwich generation are and why it is important that organizations are aware of their unique challenges and needs, the type ofservices WeMa offers and and how organizations who have employees facing these increased caring responsibilities can support their needs better.


Meena’s contact details:

Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/meena-malhotra-96b0a4108

Website : www.wearewema.com

Email address: meena@wearewema.com

Number: 07956224336

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