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Workplace Wellbeing; Lessons from the military

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Mark Maycroft



Mark is the founder of Soken, who support organisations to support the health, happiness, and engagement of employees. With a degree in Sports Science, Mark has now been in the wellbeing space for over 10-years. Mark spent the early part of his career in the British Military which pave the way for him to become both an Executive Coach and team-building profession, both of which have provided the foundation for the ethos and products offered by Soken.



Mark’s past history is quite interesting, and in this episode, we dive into the wellbeing projects Mark is currently working on in the UAE region and how the armed forces around the world are evolving around this topic. Bobbi and Mark discuss how workplace wellbeing is changing and why businesses are seeking out solutions, like the services provided by Stoken in supporting and improving physical, mental and social wellbeing.


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