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Workplace Wellbeing and the Hidden Impact of Low-severity Mental Health

podcast host Bobbi and guest speakers Scott and Chris



Our special guests today are Chris Green and Scott Armstrong.


Chris is the founder of the platform “Circles”, which he describes as an ‘assisted self-care’ channel. After taking up senior leadership positions in businesses he had no hand in building, to deliver transformational change programmes, he became interested in how businesses defined ‘employees wellbeing’ and how they subsequently manage it while trying to transform their businesses to embrace a continuous change work culture.


Scott is the Founder of Mentl a trusted platform on a mission to normalise mental health so that we can all thrive. Mentl offers leading content, expert resources, bespoke research, and progressive advocacy to open up the mental health conversation and remove the stigma holding us all back. An award-winning journalist for more than three decades, Scott journey into mental health began after the death of his father. Now he uses the power of storytelling to advocate that all health is mental health, and vice versa, and he’s on a mission to educate the corporate world about the return on investment from doing the right thing.



In this episode, Bobbi, Scott and Chris discuss:

– the hidden impact of low-severity or early-stage mental health in the workplace

– what do organisations need to be doing about this issue

– successful cases of businesses improving mental health conditions in the workplace

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