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Workplace Wellbeing: Good Lives Don’t Have To Cost The Earth



Our special guests today are Nic Marks and David Green.


Nic founded the Centre for Wellbeing in 2001, at the London-based think tank the New Economics Foundation. Nic and his team produced a stream of ground-breaking reports including the Happy Planet Index, Five Ways to Wellbeing, and National Accounts of Wellbeing. In 2008 they were awarded the “Betterment of Humankind Award” from the International Society for Quality of Life Studies for their work on wellbeing in public policy.



David, after coming across the work of Martin Seligman in 2010, has since dedicated the past 12 years to the study of wellbeing.



Based his 30+ years in business and over a decade of research, David wrote his book ‘The Age of Wellbeing’ in which he shares the CANBE model as a tool to help individuals, teams, leaders, and organisations thrive. David now offers consulting, coaching, and speaking services based on the vision of ‘A world where people and planet can thrive.’ David is also a Director and Board Trustee at the Network of Wellbeing.



In this episode, Bobbi, Nic and David discuss:

planetary wellbeing and the relationship with people and human wellbeing

– what the purpose of business should be to improve planetary and human wellbeing

  the PAS 808 framework released by the British Standards Institute

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