Workplace Wellbeing, Gen Z, and Preparing for the Future of Work

podcast host Bobbi with guest speaker Szilvia

In this new episode, our podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Szilvia help make sense of 𝘎𝘦𝘯 𝘡 and give you an insight into what’s likely to continue evolving as they make their mark on the business world. With Szilvia knowledge in people management practices and her experiences working closely with Gen Z workers, we […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Retirement Planning

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Peter

    Alright, alright, don’t all roll your eyes and yawn at once!   Even we here at WellWise were a little bit unsure how this one would go, but it turned out, surprisingly, to be one of our favourite episodes yet.   Why? Because it tackled why we all yawn, eye roll, and disengage […]

Workplace Wellbeing: Good Lives Don’t Have To Cost The Earth

    Our special guests today are Nic Marks and David Green.   Nic founded the Centre for Wellbeing in 2001, at the London-based think tank the New Economics Foundation. Nic and his team produced a stream of ground-breaking reports including the Happy Planet Index, Five Ways to Wellbeing, and National Accounts of Wellbeing. In […]

Workplace Wellbeing and the Hidden Impact of Low-severity Mental Health

podcast host Bobbi and guest speakers Scott and Chris

    Our special guests today are Chris Green and Scott Armstrong.   Chris is the founder of the platform “Circles”, which he describes as an ‘assisted self-care’ channel. After taking up senior leadership positions in businesses he had no hand in building, to deliver transformational change programmes, he became interested in how businesses defined […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Confidence

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Anita

    Our special guest for today is Anita van Rooyen. Anita used to be be very shy, but over time she learned, created and tried all kinds of tools to boost her self-esteem.   She is today the founder and director of Confidence Hackers, and helps people of all ages to build lasting confidence. […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Supporting the Sandwich Generation

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Meena

    Today’s episode is all about working carers, or the so called “sandwich generation”.   Our special guest for today is called Meena Malhotra. Meena is a passionate and devoted advocate for working carers. She is helping organisations to redefine employee centred support for carers.     She has always helped support vulnerable people […]

Workplace Wellbeing; Lessons from the military

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Mark Maycroft

    Mark is the founder of Soken, who support organisations to support the health, happiness, and engagement of employees. With a degree in Sports Science, Mark has now been in the wellbeing space for over 10-years. Mark spent the early part of his career in the British Military which pave the way for him […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Paul

    Our guest for today’s episode is 𝗣𝗮𝘂𝗹 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵.     With over 30yrs in the health & well-being industry Paul is recognised as a leading global EAP & Corporate Well-being expert with vast experience across medical insurance, occupational health management and EAP both UK and Internationally. Highly business focused and resilient individual with […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Conquering Limiting Beliefs

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Laura

    In this new episode of our Wise Talk series, Bobbi and our guest Flora Castillon discuss common limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.   Flora believes that we can all address a lot of what challenges us at a rapid pace by rewiring our belief systems and harnessing how our mind operates. […]

Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health

podcast host Bobbi and guest speaker Laura

    In this new episode of our Wise Talk series, the main topic is mental health.   Out guest Laura Russell is a registered nurse and corporate wellness with Safe Hands. Her role here focuses on all areas of corporate wellness, managing employee wellness programs for in excess of 50 local and international companies. […]